Driven by purpose, not profit. Our world-class, multidisciplinary team crafts tailored solutions and decision-support tools that break boundaries and turn complexity into clear, actionable intelligence. With a proven track record of delivering ambitious yet affordable geospatial solutions, we’re committed to driving a tangible, meaningful difference in the world.


Helping Changemakers Big and Small

We help nonprofit, private, and public organizations unlock new understanding and amplify positive impact. CGS is a trusted partner — combining geospatial expertise with exceptional service to drive real change.

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Focus Areas

The world is changing rapidly, and our approach to addressing its interconnected challenges must keep pace. At CGS, we embrace whole-system thinking, combining multidisciplinary expertise with cutting-edge geospatial solutions to drive sustainable and equitable outcomes for land, water, and people.

Ecosystem Conservation

Ecosystem Conservation

Helping land stewards manage and protect wild places for future generations. Our work improves ecosystem management and enhances the impact of conservation efforts.

Water Scarcity & Quality

Water Scarcity & Quality

Helping water stewards rise to meet the challenges of climate change, outdated infrastructure, and population growth. Our work enhances water data discoverability, improves water management, and promotes sustainable use.

Social Equity

Social Equity

Helping communities tackle root causes of inequality and promote inclusive policies. Our work uncovers disparities in resource distribution, access, and opportunity to promote equitable distribution and resilience.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Sustainable Infrastructure

Our work empowers stakeholders to guide the replacement of outdated infrastructure, expand access to essential services, and validate the benefits of sustainable practices.

Our Expertise

Data Modernization

CGS transforms the way teams and organizations work together by digitizing outdated data and upgrading systems, helping information flow seamlessly. Our specialty: making essential information easier to find and use across boundaries.

Data Fusion

CGS elevates decision-making by layering diverse datasets and technologies to give you a complete and clear picture of even the most complex situations.
data storytelling

Data Storytelling

CGS brings data to life with visually rich maps, intuitive dashboards, and interactive applications that make complex information accessible and understandable for everyone.

Who Owns America®

This groundbreaking analysis by CGS empowers organizations with crucial insights into property ownership trends across the United States. With unrivaled accuracy and detail, our novel approach equips policymakers with the evidence they need to support better land management, community development, urban planning, environmental conservation, and more.


Their commitment to clients is outstanding. Our complex project involved data from over two dozen counties and required a great deal of listening and adapting on their end. [CGS] delivered every step of the way.

michael spalding
Michael Spalding
Southern Indiana Sentinel Landscapes

CGS excels at combining high-level technical expertise with an ability to think through how data products can be accessible to the public and best used by policymakers to change the status quo.

Shay Chan Hodges
Ahapua’a Investment Project

The Center for Geospatial Solutions is moving the global environmental field forward to meet ambitious goals set forth by scientists to save and restore our planet.

Jack Dangermond
President & CEO, Esri

Our Services

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Data & Asset Inventory

Taking stock of information, integrating sources, and creating management platforms for sustained use.

Analysis & Mapping

Collecting, analyzing, and visualizing spatial data to create accurate maps and surveys.

Data Management

Organizing, storing, and processing data so that information can be leveraged efficiently.

Geospatial Infrastructure

Architecture, infrastructure, and scaling — in open source and proprietary platforms (ArcGIS).

App Development

Designing, creating, and implementing custom dashboards and applications.

Geospatial Experts for the Greater Good

CGS is a group of passionate problem solvers with a deep understanding of the complex issues facing our world today — and an even deeper enthusiasm for tackling them. This, combined with our belief in the power of technology to improve communities and our planet, guides our work.


Let's Rise to the Challenge

You’re on a mission to improve our world, we’re on call to help take you further. 

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